Ethical marketing through social media

Ethical marketing through social media

    Ethical marketing through social media
    Moath Jaber
    Social Media

Our Arab countries are suffering from Great variables and the most that affects us are the difficult circumstances that our region is experiencing such as (wars, natural disasters, political and social events) and in fact, the impact of these circumstances is great most of the time.

In such circumstances, two questions are usually put on the table and the discussion revolves around them, the first of which is, do companies stop e-marketing Second, do companies continue with E-Marketing In this article we will clarify the points of view adopted by both sides

It is no secret to you the interconnectedness of Arab societies, the ease of information transfer and the speed of its arrival created by social media and the growing desire of users of these means to express their opinion on all topics related to difficult circumstances.this behavior makes the social media user not accept any content that does not talk about what concerns public opinion.

And here we begin to answer the question, Should I stop marketing in this case
First: marketers believe that stopping marketing in this case is considered part of social responsibility, it is not permissible to publish content in such circumstances

Secondly, marketers avoid posting content to get away from the negative reactions expected by social media users who reject any content that is far from what is currently happening.

Third: the results of advertising are greatly affected on social media, which makes the results of advertising due to the lack of desire to buy from the consumer in these circumstances

On the other hand, we answer the question, ‘ Do I continue marketing in this case?’
First: marketers consider that the continuity of marketing is the basis of success, therefore they continue marketing, and usually there are announced plans and advertising campaigns that cannot be stopped in these circumstances.

Secondly, there are a lot of social media management companies convincing their customers to continue the service because stopping E-Marketing will affect the revenues of these companies.

Thirdly, the cost of advertising on digital marketing methods decreases due to the cessation of a group of companies that adopt the theory of stopping marketing, and therefore the decrease in the value of bids and the withdrawal of competitors from them, and therefore they can achieve significant results, some of them even raise marketing budgets in this case.

Fourth: difficult conditions create marketing opportunities, especially in cases of a boycott, and advertising campaigns for local products are active in this case, and marketers believe that this is an opportunity to increase the market share of companies with local products, which increase advertising campaigns.

In the end, this decision comes down to the circumstances surrounding customers, products and corporate policy, and you can get acquainted with the principles of ethical marketing through the article “Have you ever heard of what is known as ethical marketing?”