How design takes into account the elements of ethical marketing

How design takes into account the elements of ethical marketing

    How design takes into account the elements of ethical marketing
    Yaser Dkaidak

Unfortunately, our life is punctuated by many tragic events, which can happen in distant periods of time, whether it be natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, epidemics of deadly diseases, or wars in which innocent people are killed in a very terrible way!

It is important for every person with a professional competence to have an ethical stance reflected on the outputs of his tasks according to their nature, and here I want to highlight the field of graphic design as it is one of the visual fields that fill life, whether through printed advertisements on the roads or that fill social networking sites and even the user interface from which you are reading this article!

It is good that several principles that must be taken into account when designing are adopted with respect and sympathy for the loss of life that is unfortunately harvested, including:
Absolute formality in commercial advertising designs
Usually, many visual elements are used in advertising design to enhance the content of the marketing idea of a product or service, it is important that the message Be direct and stay away from the use of elements that would cause offense to the human attitude at that time, such as laughing pictures, sarcastic emojis, humorous messages.

Use colors with low color saturation
One of the design principles is to use colors that match the approved colors and have certain psychological reflections, reducing as much as possible the colors that cause delight, especially with their high color saturation, which increases the formality of the commercial artwork.

Direct promotional phrases
One of the most important elements of commercial design is the use of a promotional phrase to enhance the content and confirm the delivery of the desired message.limiting yourself to phrases that confirm what the product or service is with a very simple explanation about it is enough to deliver the message without the need to use phrases that exaggerate comfort, happiness or humor in light of serious human situations.

Visual contribution to empathy for a humanitarian event
The allocation of an independent work or an angle in the design that expresses sympathy towards the human event, such as using a phrase, hashtag or expressive image to serve the matter.

The aspect related to design tools and publishing platforms
In humanitarian cases related to wars, there is often a party that does not adhere to Muslim humanitarian ethics, it is important not to cooperate in strengthening the immoral party by cutting off everything that causes the support of this side by not contributing financially to the programs and platforms supporting it.

In conclusion, the humanitarian events that could happen are very painful events, it would be with full moral sympathy to work on taking all possible ways to respect the tragedy.

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